New video – 10 Amazing Illusions!

We have just released another Quirkology video containing 10 more optical illusions! Hope you like it….

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Quirkology at Hidden Door

hidden-door-festival-lst166931Delighted to announce that I will be appearing at the 2016 Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh!  This wonderful arts festival features dozens of musicians, artists, poets and filmmakers.

On 1st June, I will be presenting an interactive show exploring magic, perception and illusion. Come along and discover the secret science employed by master magicians to make solid objects vanish into thin air, defy the laws of gravity and predict the future.

As part of this special evening you will experience the world’s greatest illusions, have your fortune read by Madam Zara (‘she sees nothing and says all’), and have an opportunity to perform the impossible.

Book your tickets here.

And here is a little video we made to promote the event


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Our latest bets video

We have just created our latest video containing 10 bets you always win.
We hope that you enjoy it!

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