Our new Quirkology ‘Mind Tricks’ exhibition features some of the world’s greatest optical illusions!

Shrink in size!
We have created a special shrinking chair illusion that makes you suddenly appear to be tiny.  Are you brave enough to change size?

Magician David Copperfield has invented an illusion in which he appears to levitate you.

Discover that seeing isn’t believing!
levsmallJapanese illusion inventor Kokichi Sugihara has allowed us to exhibit his most famous creation.  See a solid shape transform right before your eyes!

The exhibition also features your favourite Quirkology videos, classic illusions, a goat that appears to follow you around the room, and fun photo opportunities for everyone.

The Quirkology exhibition was originally staged at Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood, and will soon go on tour.  Are you a science centre, school, shopping mall or museum that would like to house the exhibition?  Then contact us and let’s see what we can do.

Photo credits:
Gordon Rutter, Kenny Mathieson, Richard Wiseman.

With thanks to: David Britland, David Copperfield, Kokichi Sugihara, Water Closet Press and Caroline Watt.