Quirkology Christmas Card

Download our Christmas Card here

Jennie The Vanishing Elephant

jenniewebWe have teamed up with Magic Magazine and Water Closet Press to create a vanishing elephant! Simply download the PDF here, cut out the four pieces, and arrange them so that Jennie the elephant is in the middle. 

Then read through each of the pieces, turning each of them through 180 degrees as you go. You will discover the story of Houdini’s vanishing elephant.   At the end Jennie will have vanished! Not only that, but if you drawn a rectangle around the original configuration, you will see that the pieces still fit into the rectangle even when Jennie has vanished!  

We hope you enjoy turning back time and making Houdini’s elephant vanish again and again!

The Creepy Goat

goatprofile2We have teamed up with Water Closet Press to create a creepy, quirky, goaty illusion!

By crossing the world famous dragon illusion with the Quirkology goat, we have created a fun model that will seem to look at you as you move around the room.

To make your very own quirky goat, simply download the PDF here and follow the instructions (which are on the download and in this video).  Have fun!

With thanks to ThinkFun.

Impossible triangle

Download the template here

Balancing butterfly, flexahexagon and impossible puzzle
Download the template here

Amazing grid bet
Download the template here.

Lines illusion
Download the template here.

The ‘with with’ illusion
Download the template here.

Floating dice
Download the template here.